The Journeymaker's Planner Review

by - January 03, 2021




Can I say that while I usually do not use paper planners, I think this one may convert me!!  I am so in love with this!  It's spiral bound for one, with hard covers that make it very sturdy so you can't bend it up.  For another thing, it's in full color!  The inside is filled with gorgeous watercolor paintings and LOADS of great info that goes far beyond any other planner I've ever seen (well, beside this law of attraction planner I had once, when I find it in my boxes I'll do a review of that one too).  It's also medium sized, not too large, not too small.  And, you can add things to it!  (watch the video I followed here on how to do that to any spiral planner).  Oh, and the price is great for what you get!  Only $30!  I've seen other tarot planners that give you so much less content for more money.  Ugh!

I am not a fan of Nicole Cody as a psychic (because if you can tell, my website is anti-psychic), but as a person who made a kick-ass tarot planner??  I am a HUGE fan!  Especially because she talks about using a "non-predictive" tarot deck with her planner (I like to use my Sacred Traveler oracle cards with it).  So thank you Nicole for taking such time and putting so much work into this amazing planner!! 


You can watch my video review here (my review is on the 2020 version that I converted to 2021, so the one you buy for 2021 will be different): 




You can get your printables for your spiral-bound planner here:

Addresses and Birthdays (CLICK HERE!)

Currently and Booklist (CLICK HERE!)


You can watch a video on how to attach then into your spiral planner here:

You can buy the planner here: (this is an affiliate, I didn't get paid to write a review, but I use Amazon affiliates, which means I get a tiny portion of the sale price, at NO cost to purchasing through my link, that means you're helping my family pay our bills, so thank you in advance if you do!)

If you love this planner as much as I do, then let me know on Instagram!  Use the tags:  #rainydaytarot and #journeymakersplanner

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