Ace of Swords

by - January 07, 2021

Where in your life do you need clarity right now?  Where do you need to communicate better in your life?  Did you know that the secret to a true deep and meaningful and honest relationship with anyone is real communication?  And the reason why  most relationships (whether romantic, friendships, or group relationships) fail is due to not only misunderstanding the other person, but also assuming what they mean without asking them.  

In the eightfold path in Buddhism, two the of those paths are "right speech" and "right understanding".  Meaning, if you use healing words and understand a person's motivations (and your own) without judgment, it's real and honest.  When you cloud your judgment and words with anger or some of the other "fetters" (also known as knots or "crap that holds you back"), you're not being real.  So this card reminds us to get real.  Come from a place of trust and honesty and love, rather than fear and anger, and you'll do so much better in your relationships with others, AND yourself.  If you and the other person BOTH practice right understanding and right speech (and all the other good stuff in the eightfold path), then you have a relationship based on awesomeness, trust, and true and real love (even if it's friendship-love).  When you truly understand another person's motivations, you get clarity.  And when you have clarity, you find happiness.  Simple, yet so hard.  So work at it and don't give up.  Because I assure you, it's worth it. 

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