Pick a Card, Any Card! (Activities to try with the Major Arcana!)

by - April 12, 2019

While the tarot is a very introspective tool and should be used most of the time for deep soul-searching answers to your questions, there are plenty of ways we can use our cards that are more light-hearted and fun.  One way to connect with our cards in a mundane (yet powerful) way by letting them help you pick your next activity when you're bored and have nothing to do.

Below, I've developed a list of possible activities for the Major Arcana that you can print out and use the next time you don't know what to do with yourself.  Just pull a card and check the list!

Major Arcana Activities

      0. The Fool: Do something new today.  Pick a subject you're interested in, yet know nothing    about, and research as much as you can about it.  Or go pick an activity you've never done and go do it (like horseback riding, or painting or dancing, etc.).
  1. The Magician:  What are you good at?  Hone it today.  Work on getting better and eventually  you'll master it.    
  2. The High Priestess: Do something mysterious (once I created this entire mystery for my son's birthday, complete with letters coming in the mail from a "mysterious" uncle from the future).  Ask for a answer from your dreams before bed and see what your dreams come up with.  Read some mystery books.  Put on your Sherlock Holmes hat and find a groovy mystery to solve in real life.    
  3. The Empress: Do something nurturing for another living thing today.  Give your pet a bath, trim their nails, feed the something nutritious, etc.  Or spend time with a child (or your own).  Take care of someone or something.  
  4. The Emperor: Don't be afraid to delegate.  Whether at work or at home, dole out the responsibilities to others.  Make choices.  Take control.  Don't take too much control away from another person, but enough to take the extra off them.  
  5. The Hierophant: Attend a lecture or a class in real life or online.  Go to church (or do something spiritual).  Perform a ritual (spiritual or not).  Do something traditional, like plan an old-fashioned dinner party or something similar.  Consider creating a class to teach others about something you're knowledgeable about (or start a blog).
  6. The Lovers: Call up your SO and go on a romantic date.  If you're single, head out to a social place to find someone to flirt with.  Or, plan a romantic date-nite with yourself!  Pamper yourself.  Watch some romantic movies.  Or listen to love songs. Or, if you'd rather, work on some self-care today instead.
  7. The Chariot: Take a short road trip.  Head out somewhere to take some nature or candid pics.  Or plan a bigger vacation or to visit someone at a later date.  Make a choice that you've been putting off making.  
  8. Strength: Workout.  Lift weights.  Work on forgiving someone.  Do something that scares you (that's safe to do).  Be strong and push yourself a little further today, you may be surprised by what you're able to do.
  9. The Hermit: Take a vow of silence for the day.  Turn your ringer on vibrate.  Don't answer your door.  Spend the day meditating or researching something that will make you wiser.  Take a silent walk where you take in everything around you rather than thinking about what you'll be doing next.  Get mindful.  
  10. The Wheel of Fortune: Do a good deed that could help someone have a better day.  Smile at every person you see.  Make a list of all the things you're grateful for.  Concentrate on all the good that's happened to you in life, and know that the bad parts were necessary to get the good parts.
  11. Justice: Reevaluate the people and activities (things you do, your job, etc.) in your life.  Weigh the pros and cons of keeping these things or people in your life.  Create a life mission statement and choose to live by it.  Click here to learn how to use the tarot to make one. 
  12. The Hanged Man: Live the entire day in someone else's shoes.  Do their chores.  Run their errands.  Try to see a situation from another's perspective.  Argue with yourself about something.  Take your limited views and see if they could be changed by seeing them from the opposite side.  Take time to understand opposing views to your own.  Open your mind.  
  13. Death: Close a door today.  Give up something that no longer serves you.  Walking away isn't always a bad thing, as it can open the door to better things in life.  
  14. Temperance: Find a way to blend the opposites in your life.  Make some cocktails (or mocktails).  Invent a new recipe for dinner tonight, things you normally wouldn't think would go together (like pears on pizza).  
  15. The Devil: What are your vices in life?  Smoking?  Drinking?  Food addiction?  Sex addiction?  Toxic people in your life?  Maybe think about giving them up or transforming them into something more healthy.  Journal about something that's hard to talk about.  Explore what it would be like to feel more emotionally and physically healthy.  
  16. The Tower: Break down some walls.  Not literally, well, unless you want to reno your home!  Then by all means, break down some REAL walls (just make sure they aren't load bearing).  If not walls in your home then tear down something outside.  Get rid of the garbage.  Clean your whole house (try some Marie Kondo).  Clear away any excess that you no longer need.  Then either donate or sell your stuff.  Tear down some walls between you and another person.  If you can't make up, then at least honor them from a distance.  Make room for new and lovely things in your life by clearing away any trash that's cluttering things up.
  17. The Star: Make a wish today.  Live your day as though you already have everything you need to be happy (even if you don't have these things, just pretend).  Fulfill a wish for someone else without them knowing it was you.  Make today amazing for yourself and/or others.
  18. The Moon: Take a stroll under the moonlight in a safe place with a trusted friend.  Or dance in your yard or garden in the moonlight and give out a good howl!  Connect to your inner wolf today.  Learn about WolfNoot. Read wolf stories (Jodi Picoult has a great one called "Lone Wolf" with tons of info on wolves).  Get primal.  Do some drumming.  Don't have a drum?  Make one.  Do a vision quest or a shamanic journey.  Get in touch with your higher self.
  19. The Sun: Get outside!  Go soak up some sunlight, even if it's winter.  Start taking vitamin D if you're low (contact your doc for how much).  Watch movies about summer fun.  Paint something or wear something yellow.  Take pictures or paint pictures of a sunset.  Or print out some sunset/sunrise or beach pictures to hang up and warm up your home.
  20. Judgement: Answer that important call and take care of it.  Watch or read some court procedurals or some true crime stories.  Or Judge Judy, if those aren't your thing.  Are you being fair in your own life right now with yourself or someone else?  Do some journaling to find out.  
  21. The World: Connect to Mother Earth today.  Clean up some outdoor space, your own or a public place.  Go for a nature walk.  Plant some plants or plan out a garden.  Finish your unfinished projects, even if just one.

Were these fun?  Would you like me to make one for the minors?  Let me know below!! 

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