Why You Need a Mission Statement (and how to use the tarot to make one)

by - November 30, 2016

My 2016 Mission Statement: "To connect to, understand, and support the world around me through my brand of individual humor, art, and knowledge.  In order to be at my best to do this, I must take care of myself first, both physically and mentally."  

I created this in September of this year.  And it addresses the way I want to run life, and my business(es).

But why have one at all?  I mean, we aren't a big business, right?  You may be even wondering what one even is at all.

A mission statement defines our goals, our ethics, our focus, and our norms for decision making.  It declares our bottom line.  Every choice we make should stem from this statement.

In my opinion, every single person should have mission statement, for business and our personal lives.  This gives us a set point of when, where, and how to gauge our actions.  Meaning: every choice we make in life should stem from our life's mission statement.  The same goes for our business: every business choice we make should stem from our business mission statement.

Can they be the same thing?  Yes, of course.  Especially if we're in a business that requires us to help others in some way.  Like, being a tarot reader.  Using a mission statement for our businesses (and lives) can give us direction when we feel lost.  Like, if we want to choose to do something with our business or respond to a client in some way, we can check in with our mission statement.  And it should be pretty clear what we should choose or how we should respond in any given situation.  And if that choice or response doesn't resonate with us, then we may find ourselves in need of having to craft a new statement (which should be revisited at least once a year, anyways).

There are so many great ways to find out what our mission statement should be.

First, I suggest heading over to Franklin Covey and using their program to generate some ideas.  They have one for personal statements, one for family, one for team team (business), and and one for values.  After you get your results, scale it down to a manageable sentence.

Then, head on over to Boho Berry to print out her 5-page Values and Strengths worksheet to incorporate into your statement.

Once you finish her worksheet, and picked your top three core strengths and values that reflect what is in your Franklin Covey information, we are going to find the three tarot cards that reflect the words you picked.

My top three were: Clarity, Connection, and Support.  I took all the words I wrote down and found the top three that described all of the other words.  Like:

  • Clarity: This includes vision, balance, learning, self-realization, and growth.
  • Connection: This includes fun, honesty, friendliness, discovery, and dreaming.
  • Support: This includes comfort, selflessness, calm, and compassion.

So now, let's pick three tarot cards that represent each of these.  When you do it for your own words, do not pick cards based solely on the traditional book meanings.  Instead:

  • Get out your tarot deck, flip them face up in your hand.
  • Pick one of your three words.  
  • Look at each card, not really thinking about what card it is.  Just look at the pictures.  
  • When you get to one that feels like your word, lay it down.
  • Continue and keep laying down cards that match your word.  If there's only one, good, that's your card. 
  • If you have several, then lay them out all on the floor in front of you.  
  • Concentrate on your word.
  • Which card jumps out at you?  One?  More than one?  If more than one, then take those few out of the mix and study each one.  Use the Tarot Mind Map from my free packet of worksheets if you have to.  When you're done, there should be one that's feels very right to you more than the other.  If not, then look at your list again, how many words fall under each of your core words?  List them.  Then look at the list under your chosen word and see which card fits with those words. 
  • Lay your card down and put the rest back into your deck.
  • Pick a new word and repeat all of the above until you've got all three.
I chose from my Wizard's Tarot deck:

  • Clarity:  The Hermit
  • Connection:  The High Priestess
  • Support: 10 of Cups

I had lots of cards chosen for each word, but ultimately chose these three to represent my mission statement.

  • The Hermit because he reminds me of myself: If I need clarity on a subject, I will lock myself away in a pile of books until I find the answers I am looking for.  I am always learning, and then sharing what I learn with others.  This makes me a better tarot reader, as I am always growing and changing due to my need for clarity for myself and my clients.
  • The High Priestess surprised me.  I had three of cups almost chosen for this, as three friends are connecting together, but then I looked at this card and saw she's connecting to her spiritual side and her intuition.  As an atheist, I still have a spiritual side and rely on intuition for many things.  No, I don't think intuition is "psychic" or supernatural.  I find it quite human and quite natural and it works out very well for me when I use it (listening to your gut--which is why I picked this card, my gut told me to).  Intuition comes from experience and subconscious cues, which I find to be very helpful in my tarot readings.
  • The 10 of Cups were on all three boards.  Again, it was a tie between this and the 3 of Cups, but ultimately this one won, because I looked at my extra keywords: comfort, selflessness, calm, and compassion.  All of which a family gives (or should give).  I have never been able to rely on friends (which is represented by the 3 of cups) for any of those things, but I can on my husband and kids (I have two boys, just like the family in this card).  And I want to be able to provide that same kind of unconditional and compassionate support to my clients, to give them a safe haven to talk about what's bothering them. 

Now, let's see how well they hold up to my mission statement above.   

"To connect to, understand, and support my family and others that seek my guidance."  

Yes, I think that fits quite well, don't you?  

So, what's yours?  Share your mission statements, words, and tarot cards below!  Let me know how this exercise worked for you :)

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