One Card at a Time Series: Justice

by - April 14, 2019

I am the karma that goes bump in the night.  I am the balancing act of equality.  I keep things in check.  If you have too much of one thing without balancing it out, everything you have will topple over and then you'll be left with nothing.  So that's where I come in.

I keep things on an even keel.  There's never a need for revenge in life, as I am always there to take care of things.  But I always will wait until just the right moment. 

When you feel like I am not paying attention, just realize that your life isn't the only life in motion.  There are many lives I take into consideration, so just because something isn't working out in your life right now, doesn't mean I'm snoozing.  It just means there are bigger things at play here.  So just be patient.

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