Rainy Day Tarot's Guide to Creating a Tarot Sanctuary

by - April 04, 2019

Creating your own sanctuary should be on the bucket list of every human being on earth, as everyone needs a special place to recharge their batteries.  It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, all the needed supplies are easily within your reach (more on that below).  And when you're practicing the Soul Archaeology way of reading the tarot, you'll find that having a special place to dig into your feelings is not only desired, but needed.

Do you really want to pull a card and have your phone ringing, the TV on, the dogs barking, the kids yelling, or someone knocking on your door (all within hearing distance?).  Granted, you'll still have noises in your sanctuary, but hopefully they will be ones of peace and relaxation.  That's what your sanctuary is for: finding a space for introspection without distractions.

Now, not every single time you read your cards will you have absolutely no distractions.  They are a part of life (especially if you don't live alone, have pets, or kids).  But, you can create the time to create and visit your sanctuary at certain times of the week (or month) which can be a part of your self-care rituals.  If you don't have any self-care rituals, then it's time to start some 😉!

The Essentials of Creating a Tarot Sanctuary

When you think of the word "sanctuary", what comes to mind?

Most of us will answer with words like "serene" or "peaceful", right?  Pick a few words that you want your space to embody and keep those in mind when choosing your décor and items to go into it.  You could even pick a special word and create a piece of artwork that either embodies that word or just paint the word in a pretty way on a canvas or a piece of wood to hang in your space.

After you've chosen your word(s), then it's time to do some choosing:

  • Where will your space be? Outside?  Inside?  In an entire room or a part of a room?  Perhaps in a basement or attic?  Or maybe in your garage?  You could also go get a shed from a home improvement store to convert into a she-shed (or a he-shed) that's dedicated to tarot, yoga, or whatever else spiritual you have going on in your life.  
  • How will you decorate it?  Do you want a specific style?  Like bohemian, coastal/beachy, farmhouse, shabby chic or perhaps some sort of ethnicity like Japanese, Indian, or Moroccan?  Or maybe even something simple like minimalist?  Go through decorating styles online and see what speaks to you.  
  • What do you want to feel in your space?  Obviously you want to feel relaxed and ready to do some introspection, but in order to feel this way, think of the different ways your environment effects you: touch, smell, sound, and sight.  Think of textures in the furniture you pick, the pillows, your chairs, curtains, or other fabrics and the such.  Pick ones that make you feel calm and cuddly.  Same goes for smell: don't pick candles with overwhelming scents with very perfumey smells.  Instead go for light scents that make you blissful when smelling them.  Then think of the sounds that you love.  Do you love chimes?  Include some (and if you're inside, a fan to blow them around).  Do you like birds?  Or ocean sounds?  Or rain?  Or maybe a crackling fireplace?  Pick CD's or YouTube channels to listen to that calm you in your space.  Then make sure your décor is producing the feeling that you want with matching items.  Go look on Pinterest for ideas.  My stuff is always bought used, so don't think you have to spend a good amount of money on these things.  Resale shoppes are the best to find amazing décor at affordable prices.  

What will go in your sacred space?  Now think about what you'd like your space to offer:  

  • Threshold.  You need to separate this space from the mundane by letting anyone knows who enters it (even if it's just you) that you're entering sacred space.  
  • Art.  Find pieces that reflect what you're wanting to feel in your space.  They can be indoor or outdoor art.  Mandalas are a popular pick for some of the art in a sacred space.  You can print some out or make your own. 
  • Lighting.  They can be garden lights or candles or even a desk lamp.  Whatever makes you feel homey.  Think hygge when you think lighting.
  • Prayer flags.  These are pieces of cloth created with scared symbols or pictures on them. You could use cloth napkins and imbue them with your sacred words you picked earlier.  Or create sigils on them to represent your intentions.  
  • Stones (or other natural elements like shells, etc.).  Bringing the natural world into your environment is a great way to feel connected to the earth. 
  • Statues.  I have lots of Buddha statues in my home, but you can pick statues of anything that represents who you are and what you believe or love.
  • Fountains.  Either outdoor or indoor, both are soothing (unless you have to pee! haha!) to the soul and help focus.  
  • Altar.  If you are person who craves ritual, altars are a great way to feel connected to your space and to see it as sacred.  There are many types of altars out there, just go do some research to figure out what kind you'd like in your space. 
  • Cushions (or other seating options).  Think of your comfort here.  What would make you feel most comfortable?  I love hammocks!  Or hammock chairs.  Anything suspended to rock me in the breeze. 
  • Radio (or phone or tablet or computer, etc.).  Anything to play the music or sounds that you'd like to hear.  Bring headphones if your space isn't quiet enough for you.
  • Table. You need a place to put your tarot cards, right?  Pick something awesome!  Or if you can't find something awesome, cover up something alright with something awesome! (I love using those woodgrain poster boards to cover my table with!) Use whatever you have, but make it yours.   

Whatever or wherever your space ends up being, just make sure to make it especially yours.  When you read tarot the Soul Archaeology way, your job is to be as introspective as possible.  And when you have a space that sustains and nourishes your soul, you're already halfway there.  AND you can use the space even when you're not reading the tarot to unwind and connect!  It's a win-win!

Oh, and also don't forget the yummy snacks that are *JUST FOR YOU* to stash away in your sanctuary!  *hee hee*

Here are some great sites that talk about creating your own sanctuary:

Have you made your own space for tarot reading?  If so, let us know below and share pics with me on Facebook!  I'd love to see them!!  

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