Reader Series: The Underpriced Newbie

by - November 10, 2014

We've all been there.  Some of us are still there.

We come to this hobby or profession as way to:

A: Help others, and
B: Deepen our abilities as readers

Some of us may come for different reasons, but those two are the legit reasons we choose to read the tarot for pay  (another very legit reason to charge for readings is wanting to put food on the table for your family).

In the beginning, we have no idea what to price ourselves at (for pricing help, see my post on The Goldilocks Number).  So we charge $5-$10 a reading.  A FULL reading, not just a 1 or 3 card reading.  Or worse yet, they tell YOU to pick a price you want to pay for your reading (which is never okay). 

That doesn't mean that newbie sucks.  It means they're learning.  And by getting a reading from a newbie, we are helping them learn how to read better and how to price themselves accordingly.

Some of us stay fairly low-priced, not because we lack in skills, but because we aren't cool with paying a large amount ourselves for something that seems trivial when there are bills to pay and food to put on the table.  So we stay competitively priced so we can give our services to those who are in the same financial status we are.

Price does NOT always equal quality or ability. 

Not when it comes to things such as the tarot.  You can get a perfectly wonderful reading from a cheap newbie or even a cheap professional.  And even an overpriced one...but you have to ask yourself, when someone is overpriced, what is their goal?  To help you?  Or only to make money no matter their skill level?

Not all newbies will be wonderful, no, but at least you're not paying out the nose for them to practice on you.

If you're not comfortable giving a newbie money, than see if you can offer a trade?  Do you have as skill that could benefit your reader?  Or a product?

Its never okay to expect a free reading, not even from a newbie.

But its okay to pay with something other than money, as long as your reader agrees.  Energy should always be exchanged when getting something from someone else. 

Things you can offer in trade:
  • Reiki or other healing
  • A product
  • Life Coaching
  • Food
  • Other items or services your reader may need
  • Or some even accept reviews as a form of payment
So don't write off that newbie just yet!  They can offer insights even if they don't have much experience at doing so yet.

Thank you for reading The Reader Series!

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