Reader Series: The Doom Prohpet

by - November 10, 2014

"Someone in your family is going to die."

I actually had a woman tell me this.  I was worried.  But then she continued.

"Is there an elderly person in your life right now?  Someone who is sick?"

I reply "Yes!!  OMG my grandpa!"

"Yes, I see it in the cards.  He is sick.  Although I can't quite see what he has..."

I reply "Congestive heart failure!"

"Oh why yes, this will happen before summer is over."

I ate it up!  And guess what?  HE DID DIE BEFORE SUMMER WAS OVER!  This lady was a freaking genie!!  Or genius!!  Or....something.....

I was 17.  I didn't realize what she had up her sleeve.

It was the old "cold reading" doomsday crap some readers use.  Cold reading is also done by mediums.  If you've ever watched John Edwards, you know what I am talking about.

But what about the doom part? 

Well, what better way to seal the deal than to tell you "someone is going to die!"  And then get it out of them that the person has congestive heart failure and BAM!  You have a time frame.  What better way to get that person to tell their friends to come back for a reading?  What better way to make more money?

I will tell you, probably 90% of people reading this post have someone sick in their family.  And MANY of those sick people are dying.  It's an easy guess.

What if she had been wrong?
Well, look how easy it is to divert the information:

Reader: "Is someone in your family dying?"
Me: "No, but they are sick."
Reader: "Ahh I felt that.  Some sort of sickness or dying.  Do they have something like cancer, or something with the lungs?"
(Both are very likely for anyone to have a family member sick with something with their lungs or have cancer)

Cold reading is very easy to do.  I am not giving you ideas to use in your own readings, as it's lying and deceitful.  But you can see how declaring the doom seals the deal most (and easiest) with a client to gain their trust.

So, if a reader tries that with you?  Pay attention at how much information you're giving them back about it. 

What if you get nothing but the doom cards come up?  Well, hopefully your readers knows not to predict death and instead of concentrating on the bad parts, they tell you how to deal with it and how to fix it and move forward.  Our jobs as readers are to HELP our clients, not just predict things.

So, beware of the Doom Prophet reader.  While all readings are never going to be always positive, there are those out there who feed on scaring their clients in order to keep them as clients.

(BEWARE of anyone wanting to remove a hex on you--they are con-artists!)

Thank you for reading The Reader Series! 

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