How to Dress as a Tarot Reader

by - November 10, 2014

For one, don't dress like a gypsy.

Unless its Halloween.

But other than that, dress like yourself.  

You don't need anything that jingles

You don't need a head band.

You don't need sequins or coins.

You don't need a long, flowy skirt (or baggy Aladdin pants for men) unless you already dress like this.

You need a comfortable, clean and preferably nice and/or dressy shirt (something you'd wear to a job).  

You need a nice skirt or some good pants (or clean, non-holey jeans).  

And comfortable shoes, that look nice.

And that's it.  

Dress like its a job interview.  But no suits.  A casual job interview. 

No holey shirts or pants.  No stained clothing.  


You want to think casual & comfy, yet professional.

And that's it!  

Being a Tarot reader is not about looking the part, its about being the part. 

And being the part, means doing the part.  

But it does help to look nice while doing so :)

Thanks for reading!  Share your pictures of your Tarot reading attire when you're on professional readings below!

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