Reader Series: The Overpriced Guru

by - November 10, 2014

We all know this type.   

The one who has the crystal ball, with her deck of Tarot cards at the fair...wearing the "guru" getup.  She charges an arm and a leg for her readings, because either:

A: They are very, very experienced
B: A con-artist
C: A very, very experienced con-artist

Real readers don't speak in mystical, pretty, new-age lingo that makes you feel like you're in another universe.  Real readers don't wear get-ups in order to "look more spiritual".  And real readers don't overcharge.

And then we have a new breed of reader out there:

D: The inexperienced reader who overcharges because they have a gift better than everyone else's (or they are also a con-artist, just one new to the scene)

Beware of anyone pricing themselves at $100 a reading, I don't care who they are.

Beware of any reader who thinks they need to "dress the part", usually like a gypsy or a shaman-hippie-diddly-what. 

Beware of flowery words and pretty painted pictures with new-age buzzwords. 

If you want a good Tarot reader, you need to go by word of mouth or reviews.  And even then, be wary.  Anyone who advertises themselves with 100 page long websites or reviews with the same type of stuff mentioned above are more than likely trying to sell pretty words more than they are their actual ability as a reader.  Those who brag on themselves have more to prove than those who actually can read the cards (or other forms of reading) well.

Don't get sucked in by the lure of the Overpriced Guru.  Just keep your eyes open and listen to your gut!

Thanks for reading The Reader Series!

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