Light Seers Tarot 3 Card Spread

by - June 08, 2021



Oh I am in love with my tarot deck, The Light Seers Tarot (review coming soon)!  So I was taking pics of all my new decks (I got a huge amount for my birthday) and decided to do a quick three-card reading with the SA style of reading (Soul Archaeology).  You can do an SA reading with one card or as many as you like.  The only rule is that there needs to be people on the cards so you can relate to them and put yourself in their shoes.  I picked three for this reason, because it's quick.  

Now, you can use Soul Archaeology by looking at the card and completely connecting with it OR you can use the meanings you already know, and add those in, too, which is what I did in this one a little.  Soul Archaeology means connecting the pictures to your soul, your inner "you", rather than using predictions or any type of divination to read them.  It means opening up what's inside of you, rather than looking for external things to give you a good reading.  

All the answers you seek are inside of you.  Always.  Don't forget that. 

Three Card Reading with the Light Seers Tarot

Card One: 3 of Cups

Card Two: The Lovers (6)

Card Three: The Queen of Swords

So, in my life right now, I am kind of stir crazy.  I just got over a small stint with depression and am feeling a lot better.  But I've been solitary for a very long time (by choice) and I've slowly (and finally) been coming around to the idea of having friends again.  Not only that, I don't just want to have friends, I want to kind of change the world.  I know, tall order.  But my issue with having friends are the issues that plague everyone.  Except for the fact that I won't put up with that crap (hence the fact I am soliary).  The reason why people put up with it (and the reason I used to) is that we all didn't or don't know what the actual issues are.  And then when I finally figured it out, I had no idea how to fix it.  So I stayed solitary.  But now I think I may know what to do.  Or at least start it.  

My goal, is to create real friendships, with real people, without any bullshit.  Again, I know, tall order.  But I think I've figured out the formula (or, like I said, at least the start to it).  And I think I've figured out the vehicle to deliver it. 

My big choice is whether to do it or not.  I keep wavering back and forth.  I want to do it, but I also know it will be filled with drama, because any relationship with others has some sort of drama to it.  Even within families.  And I really, really hate drama.  It triggers me into bad behavior (like overreacting, or letting things bother me too much, and whatnot).  I think I fear reactivating my old behavior and patterns, after I've worked so hard on changing.  But I have to remember: I am not that person anymore.  I've learned to do better.  To act better.  To react better.  To be more understanding.  To learn what not to do when around other humans.  I don't need an audience for my pain anymore.  But I also know that in some ways, I haven't changed as much as I wish I had.  I still get a little hit off of drama.  It wakes up my brain and makes my anxiety go away (fucked up, right?).  I have ADHD and grew up in an abusive home, so I have this reaction to drama that I shouldn't.  But every experience is a learning experience, right?  And my new style of interacting with others will help curb some of what scares me about it all.  And if I am gentle and understanding with others, should I not also be the same with myself?  Of course I should.  So I can work on forgiving myself if I do happen to fall back into old habits when I start doing this.  

This queen reminds me to really do my work when it comes to this.  I can't plan for everything, but I can plan for as much as I can.  I need to research as much as I can so I can build exactly what it is I want.  "If you build it, they will come", right?  So, if I build my tribe, it will attract the right people to it (and some undesirables, but they'll get weeded out quickly).  Also, this card, she looks so calm and centered.  I need to remember, even if everything were to fall apart, it can be fixed, as long as I stay calm and centered.  

I have so much going on in my life that sometimes the idea of building this overwhelms me.  But my husband is there to help me (since he's a part of this, too) and we can create something wonderful and beautiful.  And even if it fails, we have each other, and our kids, and that's all that matters.  The only thing we can do in life is just hope for the best, since we cannot control the future.  We can create something and hope it turns out right.  Fear of it not turning out well is not a reason to not do it.  

Bringing humans together, in any way, is always a gamble.  Humans are unpredictable.  But just because they are, is not a reason not to try, right?  So, time to get to down to doing more research!  


(If you want to know what I'm working on, just stay tuned and I'll post about it when I'm done!)



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