Having Fun With a Pendulum!

by - December 29, 2020

What is a pendulum?

A pendulum is a heavy weight on a string or chain that you can use to have fun with for various purposes.  You can use them for finding lost items (or, if you're a Charmed One, you can find lost people! Ha!), making (small) choices, or getting answers.  But mostly, they're just for having fun. 

But are they real?

Well, it depends on what you mean by "real".  If you think you're getting messages from your higher self, then you have to ask yourself, what is your higher self?  Is it you?  Is it the part of you that knows things you don't?  Is it your subconscious?  Or maybe some other part of yourself that you don't know well yet.

Or do you think it's "the other side" ("I speak to dead people!") Or maybe you think it's a spirit guide?  While I don't feel it's either of those things, I do think it doesn't matter "what" is guiding your arm (like an ideomotor response).  What matters is that you have fun with it, without the need to look into the "why" too deeply.

This is because pendulums give you an answer without a "why".  Once I was terrified to ask someone for something I desperately needed.  I mean literally terrified.  But I broke out a pendulum sheet and asked "Will this person get angry with me if I ask them for what I need?"  My pendulum said "No."  And I called them, asked, and they were completely fine with it.

Now, what if my pendulum would have said "yes"?  I may have just said "What do pendulums know anyways?" and called them despite not getting the answer I wanted.  Or I may have let my anxiety keep me from calling.

This is a great example as to why you should never ever rely on stuff like this (even tarot) for really important answers.  Yes, in this case it did help push me to make the right decision, but there was a 50/50 chance it wouldn't have.  Or maybe it was always going to say yes, because deep down I knew it would?  If you have a desperate choice to make, you really know the answer deep down inside, but it may take someone or something to get it out of you.  In this case, if you don't have an insightful friend to talk to, and feel the need to consult something, a Soul Archaeology reading is the way to go.  Unlike a pendulum, with a stark "yes" or a "no" answer, doing an SA reading is more like talking to a therapist.  You see something in the card(s) that opens up the truth you already know.  So save your pendulum for fun stuff and leave the complicated stuff at the door with your tarot deck (or a call to your awesome therapist). 

Before I completely moved to the SA form of tarot reading, I asked my tarot if I should get pregnant again.  And I saw the death card, and while doesn't mean actual death, I immediately knew I'd have a strong possibility of having a miscarriage.  Not because the tarot has some sort of uterine psychic ability, but because I knew that I have a condition that causes more miscarriages than pregnancies (as well has having a very high-risk pregnancy the last time I was pregnant).  So I then decided that I was done having kids.  Another time I asked my tarot about an old friend I had recently started hanging out with.  He was freaking me out a little, and everything I saw in those cards told me he had the makings of a stalker.  So I broke off our friendship by making it look like we were drifting apart.  Again, cardboard cards do not "know" things.  I knew these things, deep down, but didn't want to or know how to admit them out loud.  Little did I know, I had been doing SA readings all along (which is what always made my readings so "spot on" and good!).

And the pendulum is just like this.  Maybe you'll always get the answers you know deep down?  Or maybe it's just a fluke?  It doesn't matter what causes it, as long as you know it's fun, and shouldn't be taken as total fact as pendulums are just tools, not answer machines.

So, how do you have fun with the pendulum?  

Well, first, download my pendulum sheets!  My sheets are designed for fun and not fortunetelling. Yes, you can use the YES/NO/MAYBE sheet by asking a yes or no question, but do not take the answer as gospel.  The pendulum, or any tool you use, is not made to live your life for you.  If you can't figure out what to do next?  Try journaling, and do a quick or in depth SA tarot reading, or talking to a trusted friend (one who has your best interests at heart) or a good therapist.  But if you're just wanting to have fun by yourself or with friends?  Then whip out my sheets and your pendulum (how to make one here) and let's have some fun!

My all time most favorite way to have fun with a pendulum is to get this sheet here when I'm bored and ask myself "What should I do next?" or "What should I do today?" and then see what the pendulum tells me.  If I don't like the answer, I try again. 

Download your pendulum sheets here! 

Activities With Your Pendulum

Magic Eight Ball Sheet (yes/no/maybe)

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