How to Use Traditional Meanings of the Tarot Correctly

by - April 02, 2019

Soul Archeology with the tarot isn't that hard to practice.  But if you still want to include the traditional meanings in your readings, you still need to use the introspective technique instead of the predictive. To use this, all you have to do is change one little word:

Change "will" to "should" or "could".

"I will meet a man who is tall dark and handsome!" should read "I should take the time to write down all qualities I would like in a significant other and then go looking for him out in the world."


"You will go on a trip this year!"  should be changed to "You could think about taking a trip.  What do you think about that?  Does that appeal to you?  How do you see taking a trip somewhere would help your current situation?"

That's how you change your readings from being predictive, to being introspective. 

Tarot cards *DO NOT* predict the future.  But they can give you ideas on how to change your future yourself.  And they can illuminate things you've been thinking about but have been scared to say out loud.

And when you change your wording, everything becomes a possibility and new idea rather than a prediction or something set in stone.

And this makes every single tarot reading an exciting opportunity to gather new ideas for your future!

Try it tonight!  Throw down a reading and see what kind of ideas you can get...I guarantee at least one will set you on a new path in life!  

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