Why I Decided to Give Up Reading For Others

by - February 20, 2019

Tarot is a very personal tool that works best when you are reading it for yourself.  As a human, we tend to see things out of the context of our own lives, meaning we put what we know into our readings.  It's not only inevitable, but it's also impossible not to.  Rather than rose-colored glasses, we see every experience with our own personal lens.  Many (wrong) tarot instruction books will tell you "You have to be careful not to do this!", when in reality, you can't not do it.

Then we add on the fact that there is no such thing as psychic ability (for some, we have an uncanny ability to connect with other humans and can easy to see what they're going through, but it's not supernatural in any way, it's psychological), then how can we see tarot as a tool to read for others?

I am not a tarot reader.  I am a tarot guide.  I use the tarot to help the client see the answers to their questions in their own psyches.  Only they hold the answers they seek.  Not me.  I can give advice, yes, I am very good at this.  But I can't give you the answers.  I can only help you read the map.  Together we can travel down the road to find where the answer may lay.  And I can give you the shovel the find it.  But you have to do the digging yourself.

Matisyahu has an amazing song called "Searching" with some spoken verses at the end of the song that go:

In the Earth, there are so many wonderful treasures. 
And if you know where to dig, 
You will find gold, diamonds, jewelery, all kinds of treasures. 
But if you don't know where to dig, all you will find is rocks and dirt. 
A rebel is the geologist of the soul. 
He can show you where to dig, and what to dig for, 
But the digging you must do yourself (the digging you must do yourself)"

That's how I see the tarot: a soul geologist (or what I call, a soul archaeologist).  The tarot can show you where to dig and what to dig for, but you have to do it yourself if you want real and true answers.

And how can I sit there with a card and guide you while you're not sitting next to me looking at the same card?  It's doable.  But it's not powerful.  And it's very disconnected (this is the feedback from my beta clients recently).  And who wants a disconnected reading?  So from this time forward, I will not be doing tarot reading for anyone online (except in my classes over Skype).

Personally, tarot reading should be done only a handful of times by another person other than yourself.  And the only reason to get a reading from another person would be have them guide you to find your own answers until you get the hang of seeing the deeper parts of the cards.

Instead, I will be doing more youtube videos about tarot reading my way, I will create more ebooks for you to learn from, and I will be creating more classes for you all to take, so you can learn how to read for yourself which is the BEST way to read the tarot.

If you are looking for clarity and insight in your life right now, then go buy a tarot deck (or just check out pictures of particular cards online at random) and learn with me how to read them to give yourself the best reading possible.  When you properly read the tarot, you are both the therapist and the client.  And you walk away with so much insight that you'll feel ready to take on the world!

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