Six of Swords

by - January 12, 2021


What can you let of right now that's not making your life better?  What needs to be fixed or thrown out?  Because we all have things our lives that we don't need anymore.  Either we've outgrown them (relationships, clothes, items, jobs, or ideas) or maybe they are more harmful to us than we care to admit.

I once had a friend from fourth grade that  I kept her as a friend because she'd always just been there.  But it was surface.  We had lots of bad blood between us that we never once addressed.  When I tried to bring it up to her one day, she blew up at me.  I guess our friendship was based on just playing that fun game of denial and pretending like it all didn't happen.  So, after she blew up at me, I let her go in the nicest way possible.  The truth was, I'd outgrown us.  I was at the age where I wanted a deep and meaningful relationship with everyone around me and didn't have time anymore in my life for fake stuff.  When I tested her to see if we could work on all that crap that was bubbling just under the surface between us, I saw she didn't want the same thing I did.  I saw that she was perfectly okay with that festering crap, just oozing out whenever it felt like it.  So, I made the decision that she was better off without a friend who was angry at her all the time, and I deserved better than someone who didn't want to address the truth.  It was time to move on.  For the both of us, even if she didn't want to.

The point of the story is, sometimes we keep things around in our lives because they've always been there.  Like that old chair.  Or that old shirt that doesn't fit us anymore.   Or my kids' grade school homeschooling books and old tarot books and decks that I never used.  Or like old friends that don't do anything for us but take up space in our lives.  So we check these things, and ask ourselves if we can still use them today.  Can we upcycle these things to fit our current lives now?  

If the answer is no, then out they go.  And we move on, making room for the things that will nourish us in the future, rather than the things that are sucking our energy from the past. 

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