Seven of Swords

by - January 13, 2021

Hey you.  Yeah, you over there.  What are you running away from?  What are you avoiding?  What are you ignoring because you don't want to deal with it right now?  

If I had to pick a soul card, like a card that depicts my actual soul?  It'd probably be this card.  I HATE dealing with confrontation.  I will take responsibility for things when something is my fault, but I really hate dealing with drama and confronting others.  I've also been known to run away from things I'm ashamed of at times.  But I'm here to tell you, that just heading stuff off at the pass?  Dealing with it ASAP is so much easier than letting it build up and dealing with it when you have no choice anymore.  

If you did something to someone and are ashamed of it?  Speak up.  Admit to it.  Running never helps.  And eventually, it'll catch up with you anyways.  This card is the card of running away when you're guilty.  You may be wondering, "What if coming clean will blow up my life?"  Well, if you don't, then what kind of life are you living?  A lie, that's what.  That thing happened.  You said or did something that you need to come clean about.  If things would drastically change if they found out it was you?  Then your life is already blown up.  It's just a ticking time bomb until it does.   

Own your shit, man.  You made a mistake.  We all do that.  Admit it and make amends (action and apology, always both).  And truly mean it.  And do better next time.  If someone hates you over a mistake, then they are the person with the issue.  Unless you make this mistake a lot?  If so, fix yourself.  Seek help in doing so if you can't do it alone. 

Or maybe the trickery has been done do you and you know about it?  So confront them already.  I know, easier said than done.  I will hide from someone before I confront them.  I hate it, because most people won't own up to their shit in a honest way (or without aggression).  So I don't trust their responses.  I don't trust they have my best interest at heart, so I fear their reactions.  But I sometimes just do it anyways.  I say "If they get angry, oh well.  Then I know where I stand with them in life."  

We are all human here.  We all make mistakes.  We all do bad things sometimes.  Nobody is immune to that (even though so many pretend they are).  So admit your mistakes, forgive yourself, forgive others (when you can), and try to do better in the future.  

Running away from our problems will only feel good for a moment.  They will always return until we deal with them.  Remember that.

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