One Card at a Time Series: The World

by - April 26, 2019

What is your purpose?  Nobody has only one, we all have many, but The World is asking you "What is your purpose right now?"  Is it healing?  Is it love?  Is it a career?  Is it activism?  Or maybe right now you just need to exist without outer expectations being upon you?

Whatever it is, even if you'd rather be doing something different, be there.  Be present in it.  Find a way to enjoy it to its fullest extent.  Because we only get this moment.  In the next moment, this moment will be gone.  So live each moment as though they truly matter.  Because they do. 

Even if you're just binge watching Netflix.  The important part is to be present in all you do.  That's where our purpose lies.  In being present at all times.

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