Join My Association!! (or rather, why tarot associations are silly)

by - December 03, 2013

Some believe you have to belong to something in order to be worth something.

Like say, a tarot association.  That some how paying money to say you belong to something makes you more credible.  When in actuality, it just means you have some money to spend.

Today I tried to download some freebies from a popular Tarot website  that USED to let me see things for free.  Now you have to be a paying member to get the freebies.


That tells you how serious they take their memberships.  You have to get freebies

So me paying $65 a year will make a me better reader?  Well, perhaps. I could get inducted into their club and have access to said freebies (so, if I have to pay to get freebies, what do they call the information that is supposedly not a freebie?) and other stuff.  Granted, I could just go buy a book or find another website to learn about various types of reading and further my own education for free.....but then I wouldn't get to brag to others that I am a card-carrying member of a not-so-secret society!!  Whoo hoo!

The issue is, tarot is a niche market.  A very popular niche market at that.  So, people can invent all sorts of new clubs or societies or associations in order to lure you in and make you pay more money.  People can write books on all sorts of ways of readings (which is something I buy) or even market some retreats geared toward the tarot (that might be fun, actually), but all in can't be a "licensed" Tarot reader.  You can't get "certified" and have it be recognized by anything except the program that certified you.

It's a money-making scheme.  Sure, some associations have a code of ethics, but you can certainly follow that code without having to pay a single cent out of your pocket.  And you can post that code of ethics on your website.

So why pay for readings at all then, right?  Because.....not all people can or want to read the cards.  Why?  Because not all people are in tune with their intuition enough to do so.  They can read the cards, but just like with singing...everyone can sing, but not all are good at it.  And not all like doing it. 

But paying a fee will not make you a better or more worthy reader.  People don't look up your credentials when getting a reading.  Tarot doesn't work that way. 

"Yes, before we start, I'd like to ask where you graduated from to get your degree in tarot?"

That just doesn't happen.

So before you shell out $65 or whatever to any "association" or something that will supposedly give you "credentials", know that it's not needed and you can do fine by yourself.

What gives you credentials is your abilities as a reader, not a title.

Instead, hone your craft, work hard, practice, always learn new things and new ways to use the cards, and never stop.  THAT'S what makes you a good reader.  Any weenie can shell out $$ to get called an "expert".  But the only thing that makes you a true expert is hard work. 

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