Reversals (and why I hate 'em!)

by - March 31, 2013

Let's get something out of the way right now:
I do not read my cards reversed. 


Cause I don't have to, that's why.  

Oh, and here's a short list that better explains why:

  1. You have to memorize 78 extra cards.  
  2. Using reversals pretty much means every single upright card is good and every single reversal is bad (not always, but mostly).  This is a crock of crap.  By using reversals you are limiting the effectiveness of each card to be BOTH.  
  3. For every positive, there is a negative.  So if you are creating (The Magician), you may be also destroying something in your life as well.  And when you do a reading, you need to address BOTH issues, not just the positive or the negative.  

When I was being attuned to Reiki, my teacher said "For about the next 30 days you will feel gross.  Your body will be purging all the negative energy and the side effects are colds, headaches, muscle pain, etc."  Every Reiki teacher usually tells this to their students.

I knew better though, just because "its always been done that way" doesn't mean its right (this piece of advice works with EVERYTHING, btw).  I knew it was a load of hooey, and it turns out it was.  

Cause I felt fiiiiiiine.  

Then I read a book called "Magick of Reiki: Focused Energy for Healing, Ritual, & Spiritual Development" by Christopher Penczak who stated what I already figured out....if you tell someone something, they may just believe it.  So he did an experiment where he told 50% of his students about this 30 day period of grossness and 50% he did not.  

You can guess what happened: those who were told that, believed they felt sick, whereas the other 50% felt nothing.  

And the same applies here, if you were taught that you HAVE to read reversals, that it's necessary, then you most likely will and always will AND you will believe, in turn, that its necessary and end up teaching others the same.  

But if you learn that you don't have to, that each card has positive and negative values, and which it will end up being will depend on where it falls in the layout, the surrounding cards, and your gut intuition, then you might just believe that instead.

I am all for changing the game.  I am all for shaking things up, challenging "the norm".  Why?  Because "the norm", is just the way its always been.  So then I question "What if it's not that way?  What if it's different?"  And I put it to the test, and found out that you certainly can be a proficient and accurate reader without reversals.

Actually, I think it makes you a better reader, as it forces you to use your own gut instincts rather than just relying on the cards to tell you what's up (or down).  

The more you learn from my site, you will see I am a total tarot game changer.  I am different.  I see and do things MY way, not the way "its always been".  

And you know what?  It works.  

And why not pave your own way if it works?  

So yeah, reversals, I hate 'em.  I don't use them, and will never use them.  I used to use them, but then I learned my own way of doing things.  

And soon, you will to :)  

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