FREE Printable Tarot Deck (Majors Only)

by - December 30, 2020


So I put together this tarot deck (<--click here) for you and I think you'll like it :) 

To be fair, I didn't "make" it, I got it off of Canva, so you can literally go make this yourself.  But if that sounds like work to you, then I already scaled them to the right size, and made it so you can print four on a page, which turned it into six pages, instead of 22.  I printed mine on cardstock and then glued on fancy scrapbook paper (that I normally would never use) to the back and then cut them out.  And the fun part is that they're colorable!  So, if you're looking for a fun craft to do while stuck indoors this winter, then grab these cards and tag me on instagram with #rainydaytarot so I can see what you do with them!  

This is a majors only deck.  But you can do so much with them!  Like: 

  1. Use them with my  printable tarot planner!
  2. Use them as journaling prompts!
  3. Use them with my FREE printable Activities with the Majors!
  4. Use them as scrapbooking inserts, etc.  
  5. Use them with the Journeymaker's Planner, which I review here!
  6. Anything you want!

They won't really work in a Soul Archaeology reading, as they don't really have too much on them, but don't let that stop you from using them in other types of readings.  You can take traditional meanings of the tarot and use them as prompts to stir up an SA reading.  I'll show you how in my video in my next post!



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