My Top Ten Favorite Tarot Decks

by - March 17, 2020

If you've read my other post about why I've gotten rid of most of my tarot decks, then you'd know that I only keep decks that a) speak to my soul and b) work with the Soul Archaeology method (and sometimes c) for the artwork!).  So while I only have very few decks left, I do believe I have some of the most delicious decks out there (though there are new ones being created all the time that I cannot wait to purchase, like the Dark Mansion Tarot!!).  While some of my favorites are not ones I own (yet!!), most of my favs are in my lovely little box where I store them when not in use.

The negative aspect to storing your cards in cases of your own choosing (which I do: bags, decorated index card boxes, etc.), is that I sometimes lose the original boxes, so I have no idea what the title of the decks are!  So, this post is causing me to do some super sleuthing to find the names of some of my decks! Ha! (Good news!  I found all their titles! Yay!)

For me, a tarot deck needs these elements to make into my collection:

  1. Good Art--any deck that's ugly just is not going to speak to me and I find certain decks ugly that others may love, but the way I read the tarot does not allow me to just know what the card means and that's it. Memorized meanings are only good when they are in addition to personal interpretation based on what I see in the cards.  So when the deck is ugly?  It doesn't speak to me and I can't read it.  
  2. Lots of people (who are doing things)--they can't just be there, as in the Illest tarot, which is a neat deck, but unless you grew up in the 90's, you'd have no idea what these people represent to you.  And while some animals are okay, most decks that are solely animals will not work as they don't behave like humans do.  When we see humans doing human things on the cards, we can relate to them and that's how we can interpret the card.  As in the Animal Totem tarot, where the Ace of Swords where a panda is munching on a bamboo's like, how will a human relate to that?  Same goes for the Empress card of that deck: a cow with horns laying in a field.  Cute to look at, but not very helpful for introspection 😉  Now, I do like to look at animal tarot decks, but I don't keep a deck unless I can use it in some way.  Another type of card (or entire deck) is the type when you have the five of cups, and there's five cups on it, and that's it.  I consider that very lazy tarot creation (as in the Tarot of the Witches by Fergus Hall).
That's it!  Those two things are the standards by which I purchase my cards by.  I also use a little Marie Kondo magic, as the cards need to spark joy in my soul in order for me to either keep or buy a deck, as well.  With this criteria, I was finally able to let go of 20+ tarot decks in 2018, when the old me would have kept them forever, even if I never used them (this type of behavior led me to having hoards of magical stuff from my pagan years, even though I was no longer pagan, which I also got rid of last year after getting clear on my intentions for my life=I want to use everything I own, not store it!).

So I kept my favorites and while some aren't my top favorites, I still love them!  

So here are my top ten favorite tarot decks:

(affiliate links, which means I get a small percentage of the sale at no cost to you) 

Oh.  My.  God.  Becky.  Look.  At.  This.  Deck!

For real tho, this deck is gaaaawgous!  It's dreamy, it's sweet, and so watercolory!  It's one of my all time favorite decks and it's hard to find a card I dislike in it.  Many of the decks below I combined into my House Deck (those are decks in which I only like some of the cards and not as much the I combined them into one deck!), but not this one, because I love the whole thing!  My favorite card is The Moon, but I pretty much love all of them.  If you don't own this deck, you are missing out!!

Buy the Llewellyn Deck here!! (unavailable, look for a used deck!)

So many people! So many ordinary people just doing things!  I love this deck!  Yes, it's a part of my House Deck, but I may just separate it back into it's own deck because I love the holy crap out of it!  It's one of my all time top fav decks because it's so people and down to earth!!

Buy the Pagan Tarot here!!

This deck is on my wishlist!  It's a dystopian deck that I just found and I am so in love with it and I hope my kids buy it for me for Mother's Day!  Or my birthday (a week later)!  It's so peopley and I love the fact it's not perfectly drawn.  It just adds to the feel of the deck, which I love!

So pretty!  So soft and sweet ❤  I don't think there's nudity in it?  I am not 100% sure, but if not, it's perfect for kids to learn with, too!  The Queen of Wands is my fav, it's a momma faery reading to her little girl on a mushroom!  I also love the Wheel of Fortune, which has a black cat sitting on top of the wheel! Oh, my bad, the Devil has nudity, and it's kind of freaky, so replace that card if you're buying it for little ones.  But most of it is non-threatening and very sweet!    

Buy the Forest Folklore Deck here!!

This is my newest deck (besides The Witches Tarot).  I have to say, this deck is pretty cool!  I did a review here, if you want to learn about it in more depth!

If you can find a person who doesn't like this deck, then you'll be finding a person who is dead inside!  For real, what an amazingly gorgeous deck this woman (Joanna) has developed!  Her artwork mixed with her ideas for each card are unique, along with being talented as fuuuuuck!

While I do not use this deck regularly, I love to sit and admire it when I am flipping through my stuff.  Maybe I should use it more?  I think I will, because the only way to get know your cards is to use them!  So I'll do a reading later today and see what comes up!

Buy the Gaian Tarot here! (unavailable, look for a used copy!)

Another deck I do not own but hopefully one day will, I have to say, this deck is amazing!  First of all, I love steampunk.  But secondly, this deck is full of everything I need to do a great SA reading. So much fun and whimsy and the steampunk theme gives them such an otherworldly feel.  I love em! 

I honestly wonder how long I've had this deck...oh, upon researching, I see it was created in 1999.  So I bet I've had it since then.  It feel as though it's been much longer than that, but apparently it's only been 20 years LOL  Anyways, I do love this deck, but not all of it.  It's a part of my House Deck, as many of the cards do not have people on them.  This deck has an extra major, which is the Tree of Life (something I am FINALLY actually learning about--before I had no idea what it was!).  It's very pretty, and being Irish/Scottish, I love the imagery (mostly).  I really hate when people change the name of the suits or the court cards, but you get used to the Gaelic words eventually.  But that doesn't detract from the deck at all!  So don't let it scare you.  Some of my favorite cards are in this deck, like the Page of Pentacles (all pages are girls!) and the Hierophant.

I will say, if you're using the this deck with Soul Archaeology, then you'll be disappointed.  It's better to create a house deck and use your favorite cards from this deck in it, as it's not useable as a whole in this method of reading. 

Buy the Faery-Wicca Deck here!! (unavailable, look for a used copy!)

Oh wow, this deck is everything!  It's one of my all times favorite decks!  It's got that realism/drawn feel, as well as very colorful and fun!  AND tons of stuff on each card to keep your readings fresh and deep! 

Buy the Wizard's Tarot here! (unavailable, look for used copies!)

I love this deck so very much! It's the most whimsical deck I own, and I love me some whimsical cards!  It's colorful and full of wonder and is an amazing deck to work from with the SA method.  Highly recommended!
Buy the Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot here! (unavailable, look for a used copy!)

Honorable Mentions: 

Tarot of the Secret Forest (we use this deck every Samhain for a "yearly card pull", once side has color and the other is a negative black and white version...not negative as in "bad" but like a photo negative, it's really neat!  I think I will use this deck with the book "Tarot For Troubled Times" for shadow work.)

Legacy of the Divine Tarot (gorgeous!)

Witches Tarot (this deck is amazing and gorgeous!)

Wildwood Tarot (gorgeous and fun to use!)

Shadowscapes Tarot (gooooorgeous watercolor cards, and works so well with the SA way of reading, that my hubby gives amazing readings with it, even though he's never used tarot before!)

My Tarot Deck (this bad boy isn't finished, but it's getting there!)

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