Seven of Wands

by - May 03, 2019

Sometimes you gotta stand your ground, man.  Sometimes you have to just say no, and when that doesn't work, you gotta yell it!  Because some people think they can get whatever they want, if they only press hard enough (as a parent, I've experienced this all too often LOL).

It's not easy.  People wear us down.  But instead of listening to their bulldonkey, don't engage anymore.  Just remove yourself until they get the picture that you're not budging.  

Sometimes keeping to your word is important.  Sometimes not.  Sometimes we're just being stubborn.  We have to carefully weigh who is getting hurt if we say yes, and who is getting hurt if we say no.  

When we say no out of fear, we're usually in the wrong.  But when we say no because obviously the idea is wrong or stupid (or someone has asked us for money for the millionth time), they are in the wrong and it's important to stick to our guns.  We just have to know the difference.

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