Soul Archaeology Reading--New Adventure Spread

by - April 09, 2019

Normally I do not use spreads.  That's because you can almost glean everything you need to know in a reading from using very few cards.  But I wanted to prove today that you can use certain spreads and have it be just as powerful of a reading as though you'd fully explored one card in depth into your issue (which, to me, the one card reading can be the most powerful reading you can do with the Soul Archaeology method).

The tip to remember is to use spreads that contain prompts that are almost like journal prompts rather than asking for "outcomes" or other such things that the tarot honestly doesn't "know".  If you don't know the outcome of a situation, then a piece of cardboard certainly won't.  The same goes for future positions (as in the Celtic Cross) or even positions that require to think from another person's perspective.  But there are some good spreads out there, some of which are on my Pinterest board, as you can see below.  The one where the spread positions pose open-ended questions that you can use for introspection are the kind to look for.

Today we're using this spread I got from Pinterest (it's pinned to my spreads board, so go check it out here):

Here is my spread above.  I am using the Modern SpellCaster's Tarot deck (you can find my review of this deck here).

First, I shuffled my deck.  When you shuffle, just shuffle until they are mixed well.  No need to "feel" they are shuffled right, just do as you would if you were playing poker. Nobody wants repeat cards you've seen 100x lately, right?  So shuffle well and you'll get new cards to play with for each reading :)  If you don't like a card, pick a new one (as you'll see I did later in the reading).

Then I laid out my cards and turned on Pandora to listen to some good music (the channel I have on is Daughter radio).    Here is how I read them:

 New Adventure Spread

Right now in my life, my hubby is starting a new job in two days, my son just started CDL school yesterday, and this month has started my new 100 day journey to revamping  my blog with meaningful information, kick ass products and services. 

That's the newest adventures, but our overall "new adventure" is starting life over from scratch after a grueling summer (in 2018) of becoming homeless after a family member lured us down 500 miles away to live, when to find out there was never anywhere for us to live.  I consider what happened to use being equated to being kidnapped, as we were tricked into moving with false information and then got stuck (like literally stuck, our car broke down while we were there so we had no way to leave) with a person who mentally and financially abused us (I think that was her plan all along).  So our overall "new adventure" is the new life we're trying to build.

We came from a large home with a fenced in yard, and my hubby had a job where he had worked for almost 13 years.  Then he lost his job and we couldn't afford where we lived anymore, which is what that family member took advantage of.  We did manage to get back home and find a place to live and jobs, but just barely.  This new job for him is job #4 this year (and hopefully his last for awhile, as he hates job hopping).  But we are all still reeling from our experience last summer and every single day brings fear for us because we're still not financially stable and where we live isn't set in stone.  We are hoping our new circumstances will be a new page in our lives that heads toward financial security, as well as owning our own home again.

With that in mind, these are the cards I drew:

Position 1: "Which area of my life will this new adventure impact?"

Page of Pentacles

Pages, like Aces, represent beginnings.  In my life I've never been financially secure.  Even as a child, my parents led me to believe we were always in money trouble and could never afford anything (then to find out, my dad made almost 70 grand a year, which stunned me because it felt we lived like paupers).  As an adult, I became a mother at almost 21, so safe to say, we've always been very poor.  For a short period of time, my husband worked 7 days a week and for that year, we lived like kings: paying our bills on time, getting our son braces, etc.  But then his boss changed his hours and we were back to being poor again.  So I see this card as me learning how to be financially responsible, starting from the beginning again.  I've already started on this path, but hopefully with my son getting a great job and my hubby's new job (which has loads of room for advancement), we'll be able to live securely. 

This Page seems to represent my new beginning in life and learning how to be an "adult" when it comes to money, but you have to start somewhere, right?  Also, the dog burying his bone in the yard represents to me the act of learning to (and being able to) put money away for emergencies or other things.  Which is what I am hoping for, so to me it's a reminder to not forget to do that.

The page is looking to the future, money in hand, and not afraid to move forward.  I've been afraid so many times in my life because I fear change, but I also fear takin chances.  Then we took a chance last summer and look what that brought us?  But I am ready again.  This blog website of mine seems like a new chance to start again to teach something I absolutely love. I want to be like him: determined and ready to go.

Position 2: Skills I currently possess that will help a smooth transition...

Strength 8

Look at her!  She is not only riding her gorgeous beast, but has also dressed him in a pretty necklace! Last summer showed my entire family that we are stronger than we ever thought possible.  That we can get to through anything, as long as stick together and make better decisions.  We learned so much from that experience.  Every single bad thing that has happened to us, we are soooooo much wiser for it.  And so much has happened to us throughout the years, too.  When I get anxiety thinking about "When will our situation change?" or "Why isn't it changing fast enough?", I will remember this card.  I will know my strength has brought me through so much in my life (since childhood) and it will get me and my family through everything else we go through.  Their strength carries me, as mine carries them.  

I want to ride my beasts, not like I own them, but like I am friends with them and they are happy to be carrying me on their backs.  I want to make friend with my demons. I want to be fierce and steadfast.  Though, I kind of already am.  I just need to remember that.

Position 3: Something that holding me back from this new experience.

Three of Swords

Heartbreak.  Last year, as I said, I was a doozy.  It holds me back from so much and the PTSD has ruled so much of my life until now.  I seem to let it.  I need to let it all go.  I think doing a releasing ceremony this summer is a good idea.  My hubby and I are creating a religion (or something like it) and one of the things we're working on is our "Fire Festival" for summer, which includes burning up shit we need to let go.  Because I am tired of letting all of us this have such a hold on me. I not only let it hold me back (as well as the trauma of my childhood and the abuse from my mother), but I let it trap me into stagnancy.  Yuck.  I need to move on from all of this.  I let to just let it all go.  All of it.  Every single last bit. 

Position 4: The most significant thing I will learn from this adventure.

Judgement 20

She is cradling her face in fear and then she just learns to let it go and look what happens?  She's open.  Open to letting the hands of fate give her what she needs to be nourished in life.  That's what I want.  To move from fear to a place of openness. To realize that fear doesn't keep me  as safe as I think it does, and if I could just let it go, I could probably achieve anything I set my mind to. That's what I want to learn.  I want this "adventure" to have meant something in my life, something more than just a story to obsess about or to be angry about.  I want something good to come from it all.  I want to see this all as our second chance to get it all right.  Or at least try to. 

Position 5: How this new experience gets me closer to my life purpose.

Ace of Swords

At first, I saw this card and had nothing.  So I drew a new card.

Position 5a: King of Swords

I drew this card and I see a man who is the master of his domain (Kings are like the Magician in that way).  And his domain is the realm of clarity, mental health, thought, and communication.  So then the Ace made sense too: the beginning of real clarity.  I do not believe we all one "life purpose", but as many as we like.  And right now, my purpose *IS* about understanding.  Also, it's about really learning what truly matters in my life (after losing everything we owned, including 2 cats, you really learn what matters in life) and using that clarity to make better choices with the people in my life and with myself.  This entire "adventure" has taught me that to never take anyone or anything for granted, because nothing is guaranteed to stay the same.

I will say that I do have one underlying life purpose that has always been and will always be: to be the best mom and wife/companion I can be.  My family is #1 in my life, they are the most important thing.  And everything that has happened to us has made that even *MORE* crystal clear.  We can have a 100 jobs, move 100 times, or lose everything we owned, but in the end?  All that matters and will ever matter in my life is them.  I don't need a "career" or to achieve anything noteworthy or make a million dollars to be a valid human being or to be worthy to exist.  I just need to know I did my best with them.  That's it.  That's all that matters. 

And that's the sharpest amount of clarity I've ever experienced 💗.

Why not try this spread out and see what you come up with?  Soul Archaeology is about digging deep into your soul for the answers, not to expect the "cards" tell you what you need to know.  You already know the answers, my dear.  The cards just bring it forth.

So, what are you waiting for?  Give it a try (reading with introspection instead of prediction) and see what you come up with.  I bet you'll surprise yourself 😉

As I was doing this reading, this song came on my Pandora station.  I want to share it with you here, as I feel it's fitting for this reading:

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