How to Read the Tarot: No Psychic Ability Needed!

by - August 11, 2017

I know it sounds crazy, but it's true!  Each tarot card is a question to ask of yourself, not a prediction.  So let's get away from the "fortunetelling" aspect of it all together and instead, start getting into the real, honest, and raw answers of what you really want to know.

Tarot is a tool, we've all heard this before, right?  But what you haven't heard is that it's not a tool of telling your or your client's future.  It's a personal tool used to find the answers that you already know.

That's right!  You already know the answers you are seeking.  You just need the right tool to excavate that answer (or answers) from your heart, mind, body, and soul 💗

Sometimes that tool is talking to your BFF, or a parent, or your significant other.  And other times it's talking to a therapist, or a trusted professional.  But just need someone who will listen without judgment.  And that tool can be a deck of tarot cards or a tarot reader.  If you choose to have your cards read, know that any reader that makes a prediction for you, no matter how well meaning they are, cannot really help you get to the core of what your question is.  And therefore are not giving you the help that you truly need.  Learning to read the cards yourself (the Soul Archaeology way) may be, at times, your only option.  I offer a class that is available here!

If you aren't interested in taking the class, then just keep on reading for a free mini-course below!!

Soul Archaeology With The Tarot Mini-Course

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