Why Traditional Tarot Card Meanings Do Not Matter

by - July 18, 2017

While traditional tarot card meanings that are found in books are normally suggested in the pictorial representations on each card, there are infinite more meanings that we can assign as we read them.

The first thing we need to know about reading the tarot:

There are no wrong answers.  

If someone is going through a divorce, the 10 of Cups will not represent a happy home life (as the pictures suggest).  It may represent what that client has lost.  And when you read the Soul Archeology way, the way your client sees it is the right way.

Once, I had a client see The Tower card and say "I see this as lightening striking my trailer and everyone burning alive inside" (talk about dark!).  I was reading the traditional way and quickly said "Oh no, that's not meant to be taken as literal!  It means.....(insert meaning here)".  Today, I would have responded differently.  I would have asked her "Where in your life does it feel as though something has struck your life and now you're burning alive?  Which one of the people on the card represent you?" Or "How does that represent your life right now?"  While our clients may take the cards too literally, we can help them understand their own interpretations with a little prodding.

What they see as literal, can become deep and meaningful, and might create a crack that will be helpful when digging into their core beliefs on life and the dark parts of their soul.  I mean, seeing a card that represents your family being burned alive by lightening...that's pretty dark.  It's our job as readers to help them fully realize what those words represent.

Whereas most tarot readers will see The Tower as an awful, scary card, I actually find it quite liberating.  I see the slate being wiped away clean and making room for more things in life that I really want and need.  That's the trick to the tarot: every sing person will see what they want to see and feel what they want to feel with the cards.

Does this mean you have to read in person every single time?  

No way!  If that was the case, I'd be out of a job! 😁 In actuality, you can easily find ways to read for your client online or over the phone.  You just have to find ways to read for them real time (meaning Facebook messages, Skype, etc.).  I use a webcam to show my clients the cards and then chat through Facebook messaging or over the phone (sometimes Skype!).  

This facilitates your client's interpretations which is wholly needed for the whole process to work.

There is a way to read by email, as well, and that is addressed in my beginner's class.  You can find the class here:

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When reading for yourself, you need to ask the cards how they make you feel, not just how you've memorized their meanings.  Granted, how you feel can very much be the same as the traditional meaning, but not always.  Listen to your gut.  It knows better than any book out there what your cards mean to you.

So, what do you do with that list you got from your book?

You use them a guideposts.  As small lights dotting your way.  As a map.  You can refer to them when needed, but never rely on them.  Because this journey?  Is one of the soul.  And that must be experienced fully, and that means making your way in the dark along for bit, until you can create your own light.

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