The Rainy Day Tarot's Guide to Reading the Tarot

by - October 22, 2016

If you've read through some of this site, you'd realize that I don't believe in the tarot like others do.  I don't believe they have magical properties.  I don't believe you can "imbue energy on them", nor do they carry any energy of their own.  I don't believe our cards "talk to us".  I don't think they send us messages.

Rather, I know my cards are pieces of laminated-ish cardboard that have pictures printed on them.  That's the truth, nothing more.  A paintbrush is a piece of plastic or wood, with bristles on the end.  That's it.  Nothing more.  But it in the hands of Bob Ross or some other amazing painter, look what that little brush can do??  Amazing!

The tarot is exactly the same.  It's simply a tool.   Nothing more.  But put them in the hands of a talented person, and they can change lives.

BUT I will take this one step further and add: you aren't magic either.  Sorry.  You can't think you're "developing your psychic abilities" while using them, because while you may be tapping into a great empathic ability, it's not supernatural in the least.  It's quite natural, actually.

The greatest tarot readers are those with the ability to dig deep into the human experience and understand what it's like to be their client on every level imaginable. 

The ones who claim to be "psychic" and only read your fortunes, are doing you a great disservice.  Instead, they should be digging deep into your soul to pull out what needs to be known that's been hidden for so long that it led you to seek out a tarot reader in the first place.

And that isn't an easy feat.  It takes years of hard work and practice.  But it's also not impossible either.  With proper training and proper practice (that you can do all by yourself) you can become a great reader and leave the other "psychics" in the dust with your ability to actually help your clients and not just bandaid their issues with "fortunetelling".

So, let's get started!

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