How to Make an About Me For Your Tarot Site

by - August 04, 2016

About Me.

This section is almost always read by your readers.  Whether you have a website or a blog, people want to know who they are reading or buying from.

The first question you need to ask yourself is "Who am I?" followed by "Why am I writing this blog/selling this service or product?"

I am writing my blog to help others understand the true nature of the tarot and to help them get away from traditional "psychic" readings.  I am hoping to help my readers use the cards to dig deep into their souls in order to find the answers they need, rather than to rely on fortunetelling.  In other words, I want them to actually work at getting to the roots of their issues, rather than just bandaiding their problems with what they want to hear.

"You WILL find your way out of the darkness!" is the traditional way to give encouragement with the tarot.

With my way, you don't give your clients or yourself a pretty card to make someone feel better, you prod them with questions (or yourself) until you find out why they were in the darkness to begin with.

I want my readers and their clients to HEAL.  Truly heal.

And I want my About Me section of my blog to reflect that.

So, what do you want from your blog or website?  And why are you qualified to give that to your possible clients?

Face it, you're here because you're a tarot reader.  Not because you sell DVD players out the back of your van.  Or that you sell security systems.  Or because you have a blog about cooking.  You're here because you either a) read the tarot, b) teach the tarot, c) sell tarot readings, or d) sell tarot related items.  Or you do you all or a combination of those.  So I am assuming you are reading this to think about how to do your About Me for your tarot blog/website.

So before you write your page, you need to answer these two questions:

  1. What do you, as a reader, want from your blog or website? and 
  2. Why you are qualified to give me what you're selling?

Even if you're not selling anything, just giving information, you're selling me on your ideas.  That's what you need to put on your About Me page.

But those questions aren't always simple to answer, nor should they be. 

The second part of the equation which is the "why" should include who you are, and what brought you to make this blog or website.  The "what" part should be conveyed smartly.  Not "I am here to sell you a and b because I am the best ever!"  Why are you the best ever?  And what will a and b do for me?

And don't list why you're the best ever, either.  If you were a writer, the first thing you'd learn in writing is to "show, don't tell".  This is very important for your readers.  You let them decide if you're worth their time, you don't tell them you're worth it (words mean nothing without the action to back them up).

So first, what do you want on your blog?  Are you selling something?  Of course you are.  Even if you're only selling information for free.  You are selling your readers on your blog.  So in the beginning, you're going to tell me why this blog or website exists.  But, you're going to help your reader see how what you're selling relates to them.

Then, you're going to tell me why you're qualified to do so.

You do this by telling your story.  What brought you here.  Why you love it.  How your readings have evolved from this to that.  Your first deck of tarot cards and how you fumbled with them.  Or how you were scared of the Devil card, but soon realized there was nothing to be scared of.  Your readers want to know these things.  Show them you're just like them, because you are.  Don't tell them you're psychic and come from a long line of psychics, because a) they may not believe you (with good reason), b) find you silly or c) at worst, they'd believe you and you'd be deceiving them.

Instead, show them how much you love what you do, and if you play your cards right (*snicker*), they will also love what you do and will soon want to either hire you or keep reading your blog to see what else you have to offer. 

You can write as little or as much as you want.  If you want to share some longer personal stories, then write them on a new page and link to them on your About Me page do you don't overwhelm your reader right off the bat.  That way, if someone wants to read more, then can.  If they don't, they don't have to.

Then, provide at least two links:
  1. Click here to get a reading from me, and
  2. Click here here to start your journey on my page
You can word both any way you want, but these two are important.  You want someone to take what they've learned from your About Me and put it into action.  Do they want to hire you to read for them?  Give them a link.  Or do they want to figure out what you're going to provide them on your blog?  Give them a link.   Then make a landing page for link two with all of your subjects on them.  My subjects are How-To Series, Reader Series, Working With the Dark Cards, One Card at a Time Series, etc.  So if they click on link two, they can see all of my subjects on a single page so they can pick and choose what they want to read, rather than flip through my entire blog. 

Also, every post on your blog also needs to show why you love what you do.  Why you're passionate about tarot.  Why you keep coming back to it.  Showing your passion, rather than telling, will keep your readers coming back for more because they can feel your passion and your honesty, rather than you just telling them you're passionate about what you do.  It's like the difference between saying "I love you" and never showing it and doing sweet things for your loved ones on a regular basis.  Words mean nothing without action.

You also need a kickass About Me picture.  Check out my post here about how to make one!

Share your About Me pages below and show everyone what you can do for your clients!   Someone may get some great ideas from your pages so they can effectively write their own :)

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